Dear Friend,

A special letter from Dr. Jen to you.

Have you ever suffered from unnecessary pain or a health problem simply because you just didn’t know how to check yourself?

Maybe you had mild, subtle symptoms but didn’t realize how serious a medical condition it could become.

Many complications and illnesses in general can be avoided with good information.

Most sicknesses can be reversed with timely intervention and wise counsel/advice.

Dr. Jen breaks down complex topics in easy to understand language so that YOU can know how to take better care of yourself at home.

She shares her gems and tips from nearly 20 years as a doctor and from the lessons she has learnt from her patients.

Many of these videos are from former webinars & speaking engagements done on social media,

No fancy words. No fluff

Down to earth, simple language.

With a generous sprinkle of Godly wisdom.

What’s been bothering you? High blood pressure, Diabetes, or Anxiety?

Do you need help with dealing with Stress?

Get some good relief now by simply learning the precious gems that Dr. Jen shares in her videos.

Get started with one of Dr. Jen’s videos to learn simple steps you can take that will make a world of a difference in your health.

This is my gift to you.

Be blessed and healed.

Dr Jen

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Who is Dr. Jen

Dr. Jen or Dr. Baker is a wife, mom and doctor who teaches extensively on health matters from her many years of experience as a house call concierge doctor.

Dogs bark and ducks quack. Teachers teach…

This site is the expression of Dr. Jen’s natural gift for teaching since adolescence in which she is able to simplify complex topics.

Added to this God-given ability is her passion to see people well and healed.

Dr. Jen owns and operates JENMED (www.doctorjenmed.com) - Jamaica’s premier medical concierge and home health care company. We provide first class in home medical care to Jamaicans and visitors to the island.

We also provide online medical consultations (telemedicine) globally to patients all over the world.


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All information shared here is for educational purposes only. This is not medical advice. Always consult your own doctor to diagnose and treat any medical condition you may have.

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