1 on 1 with Dr. Jen

Ask Dr. Jen anything

This is an open session with Dr. Jen to discuss anything you'd like with her. (medical and non-medical)

Once Dr. Jen feels confident that your concerns are within her areas of expertise, an appointment will be booked.

Appointments are for 45 mins

Cost: USD $130

Pay here to reserve your appointment to ask Dr, Jen anything.


Dr. Jen has done multiple speaking engagements at various events and many types of organizations.

She has the unusual ability to simplify complex medical topics in simple. actionable steps while getting her patients motivated to take action immediately.

She has been able to change the entire trajectories of people's lives - reversing prediabetes, controlling blood pressure and significantly reducing stress levels.

To book Dr. Jen for your event or company, kindly call 876 207 2370 or email us at drjenmed@gmail.com.

Investment: starting at USD $400

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JEN-MED nurse with one of our favorite patients in her home.

JEN-MED provides a variety of services and solutions for both medical and nursing care for patients in their home.

These include:

  • Doctor's house calls

  • In-home nursing

  • Elder Care

  • Stroke recovery care

  • Hospital at home services

  • Taking off labs

  • And much more

To book an appointment, call 87 207 2370 or email drjenmed@gmail.com

For further information, visit www.doctorjenmed.com


We offer luxurious medical care with your own medical team on call, on demand.


  • Doctor's House Calls, In home nursing, physiotherapy, etc

  • Follow up, Reviews

  • Medical coordination and care

  • Patient advocacy

  • Online medical consults and review

  • And much more.

Well worth the investment.

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1 on 1 Coaching with Dr. Jen

With this service, Dr. Jen will work with you individually holding your hand until you achieve your health goals.

This package is designed for persons who are serious about learning and willing to commit to improving their health.

Duration: 1 month

Cost: USD $670

Pay HERE to confirm your spot with Dr. Jen

You will receive:

  • Coaching sessions with Dr. Jen

  • Weekly follow up calls with Dr. Jen

  • Learning materials

  • Care Plan


Dr. Jen teaching team members of Sandals Ocho Rios.

A company's team members are the most valuable assets. Without them, the company would die.

the opportunity to partner with Dr. Jen is now available as she will teach your staff members on relevant health topics in easy to understand language that allows them to take steps needed to improve their health.

Topics covered range from high blood pressure and diabetes to women's reproductive issues to sinus and allergies.

What your company can expect:

  • Higher staff morale and work attitude

  • Less absenteeism

  • Less overall illnesses

  • Healthier and happier work force

Call us on 876 207 2370 for further information.

Dr. Jen teaching students of the Pembroke Hall High School